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Jesus Christ on the cross

Operation Feed Africa

Operation Feed Africa is a mission organized by Living Grace Fellowship a christian church in Haverhill Massachusetts, United State of America. Our mission to keep the New Covenant of love, as Christ commended us to love one another. We are committed to reaching out to our brothers, sisters and children in our world specifically in Africa. Operation feed Africa is commissioned to feed the hungry and provide clean water to all. We believe no child or human being should die of hunger and starvation in the 21st century world which is blessed with tremendous wealth and material.

Our vision is to provide food and create opportunities to the local communities and support groups to create innovative techniques for mass food production and commercial farming with aim to provide healthy food to meet up with the risen cost and demand of food in the cities with enough to feed the local communities

We recommend you and all people of good will who truly love Africa to give one dollar a month, twelve dollars a year or more. This will go a long way to make our world a better place and transform the lives of the broken with hope of a new life in an unjust world.

You can give online at www.livinggracefellowship.org. Through PayPal donation and gift for “Operation Feed Africa” Your donation is important as much as your prayers Please do well to pass this message to friends, families, neighbors and all people of good will, we need their help and contribution to help our brothers, sisters and children in Africa. Africa has given a lot to the world.

It is time we come together, bound by love, our commitment and contribution no matter how small it may be can make a huge difference in the lives of many, we can’t continue to wait and complaining with hope looking on others like China and Europe to provide food for Africa a continent blessed with fertile land and good soil for faming and agriculture and a capable youthful population and working force.

Your contribution and gift is tax deductible. This is our time, let act together!! For any question or concern, you can reach me at my cell phone 978-397-7132.


Thank you,
Pastor Moses Tabi,